Top Guidelines Of 宿霧語�?學校

容身 容身 [rong2 shen1] /to find a place where you can fit in/to create a person's residence/to hunt shelter/ keV Electrical power, a process referred to as Bremsstrahlung.|If a star contained just 5% of fusible hydrogen, it might suffice to explain how stars got their Vitality. (We now know that most 'normal' stars have way over five% hydrogen)|Being an Electrical power resource, the process is the only fusion electrical power process that could be demonstrated to operate applying existing engineering. Even so it could also need a significant, continuous supply of nuclear bombs, producing the economics of this type of procedure rather questionable.|Study into creating controlled thermonuclear fusion for civil reasons started in earnest while in the fifties, and it proceeds to today.|The only real other known plausible source of energy was conversion of make a difference to Power; Einstein had proven some many years earlier that a little amount of matter was comparable to a large amount of energy.|履約 履约 [lu:3 yue1] /to keep an assure/to maintain an appointment/to honor an agreement/to observe economic system/}

�??�如�?履险如夷 [lu:three xian3 ru2 yi2] here /to cross a ravine like flat floor/fig. to deal with a crisis very easily/to keep get more info a interesting head inside of a crisis/

An exception get more info to this normal trend would be the 宿霧語言學校 helium-4 nucleus, whose binding Vitality is bigger than that of lithium, the next heaviest factor. This is because protons and neutrons are fermions, which based on the Pauli exclusion basic principle can't exist in precisely the same nucleus in exactly the same condition. Each individual proton or neutron's Power condition in a nucleus can accommodate the two a spin up particle in addition to a spin down particle.

?�如?�世 ?�如?�世 [huang3 ru2 ge2 shi4] /like a matter in the previous technology/as though it were a life span ago/

???�燒�??�火?�身 [re3 huo3 shao1 shen1] /stir up the fire and you get burnt (idiom): to obtain a single's fingers burnt/fig. to experience on account of 1's possess meddling/

彈指 弹指 [tan2 zhi3] /a snap from the fingers/a short instant/within a flash/within the twinkling of a watch/

廣義?�對�?广义?��?�?[guang3 yi4 xiang1 dui4 lun4] /standard relativity/Einstein's concept of gravity/

�??�吃不了?�豆??心急吃不了??��??[xin1 ji2 chi1 bu5 liao3 re4 dou4 fu5] /hasty Adult males don't get to eat very hot tofu (idiom)/a single just must Wait and see/haste will destroy anything/

?�狗欺主 ?�狗欺主 [da3 gou3 qi1 zhu3] get more info /to beat a dog and bully its operator/fig. to humiliate sb indirectly by bullying a subordinate/}

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